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Department of the Subsoil Resources Management
in the Central Siberian District

Association of Geologists and Miners






Dear participants of MINGEO 2016, we present to yours the presentations of the reports which were heard at the Forum and the photo report of events.


Reports Photo report


XII Международный горно-геологический форум МИНГЕО СИБИРЬ

Программа форума Расписание форума


We invite you to the 10 Th Jubilee International Mining and Geological Forum MINGEO SIBERIA

On June 14-16, 2017, Krasnoyarsk will host the 10th Mining and Geological Business Forum Mingeo Siberia. The prospects of development of the mineral resources field of Siberia, the Far East and the Arctic regions of Russia has been traditionally one of the central topics of this active discussion platform. It has become a good tradition to discuss the problems of the large macroregion, which influence economic, financial and, as a result, social-political well-being of Russia, here, in the heart of Russia. At the banks of the mighty Siberian river Yenisei, at the crossing of many roads leading from Europe to Asia, from west to east and from south to north.

Rich natural resources ARE NOT A “DEPENDENCY”, BUT A SIGNIFICANT competitive advantage of Siberia! Increasing of the innovative component, using international experience and modern engineering and technological decisions based on the richest experience of Russian mineralogists, miners and geologists in the work of mining and geological companies of Siberia is directly connected with the increase of their attractiveness for investments and more complex and efficient development of mineral resources of Siberian macroregion, which in its turn plays an important role in the establishment of modern Russia as a world leading country in mining and advanced processing of mineral resources. ALL THIS GIVES SIGNIFICANT IMPETUS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF BOTH RUSSIAN HEAVY ENGINEERING AND RELATED INDUSTRIES, WHICH ABOVE ALL REQUIRE SCIENCE-INTENSIVE AND HIGH-HUME TECHNOLOGIES.

The programme of MINGEO Siberia Forum 2017 includes:

Workshops, round table discussions, master classes, the investment fair of mining projects and the exposition of technologies and equipment.

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